About Us

From 1947 until the end of 2006, Cridge Inc. owned and operated manufacturing facilities with over 70,000 square feet in Morrisville and Fallsington, Pennsylvania where we designed and produced both custom and stock products. During this time we established a network of resources and suppliers, both domestic and abroad, for all types of products and components.

In 2005, Peter Cridge LLC was established as a full service development and supply company focusing on sourced products, taking advantage of the many years of know-how and hands-on experience in manufacturing.

We establish close relationships with our customers and are prepared to handle any or all of the tasks involved in creating new products, from concept and design to the finished, packaged product. We respect and honor our customers' requests for confidentiality regarding their names and their proprietary products and new product designs. We design towards price points and time lines as established by our clients and work closely with each customer to develop and ship new products on time and on budget.