Frequently Asked Questions

Peter Cridge is a full-service product development and supply company.
We can do the complete product for you or work on specific parts of the


Following is some helpful information regarding the process:


We respect the confidentiality of our customers and in many
cases have signed confidentiality agreements.

Turn-around Time

There is no standard turn-around time as each project has specific requirements. We establish a time-line  at the outset of a program and will work with you to achieve your dead-lines.

Product Specifications/Artwork

The product is made to your specifications. Please e-mail or fax designs or drawings or send us sample for quotation. If you need help with art, please contact us to discuss.

Ceramic Decal

If the product involves ceramic decal, please provide the digital art file and three color match prints. We can assist with artwork if needed.

Custom Concepts/Designs

With the help of our experienced artists we can come up with custom concepts and finished art based on your specifications or expanding on your existing product or artwork.


You will receive a comprehensive quote at the beginning of your project which will outline the unit cost as well as any other charges that might apply, such as modeling and sampling fees, cost of components, packaging etc. Development will start after quote has been approved = authorization to proceed.


A sampling fee will apply which will be quoted on the outset of a project to cover initial sampling and shipping cost. Additional samples will be charged at the unit cost plus the cost of freight (FEDEX).

Product Approval

You will see the products at different stages of development for product approval. PCLLC is responsible to make sure that the quality throughout production will match or exceed the approved sample.

Payment Terms

Development charges are due at the beginning of the project. 

Commercial terms available.


Products can be quoted from port of departure or to your door. We will work closely with your forwarder and shipping protocol.

Minimum Order Quantities

The minimum order quantity is 1200 - 2500 pcs. per item depending on the product.

Our Guarantee: Price - Delivery - Quality